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Collaborations and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between corporates and CIMAT offering MBA programs as powerful alliances that foster mutual growth, knowledge exchange, and professional development. These partnerships combine the academic expertise and resources of CIMAT with industry insights by incorporating industry-relevant case studies, guest lectures, internships, experiential learning opportunities, practical experience, and corporate networks of the collaborating companies. Through such collaborations, MBA students gain valuable exposure to real-world business challenges, industry trends, and innovative practices, while corporate partners benefit from fresh perspectives, talent acquisition, and research collaborations.

These collaborations often extend beyond student-centric initiatives and encompass faculty development programs, joint research projects, and consultancy services. The business school faculty members can engage with corporate partners to conduct research studies, publish joint academic papers, and provide consultancy services based on their expertise. This collaboration not only enhances the academic reputation of the business school but also enables the corporate partners to leverage the institution's intellectual capital.

Furthermore, the collaborations and MoUs facilitate networking opportunities for MBA students, faculty members, and corporate executives. Guest lectures, workshops, and industry events organized through these partnerships enable students to interact with industry leaders, build professional connections, and explore career opportunities. The corporates, in turn, gain access to a talent pool of MBA students with the knowledge, skills, and aptitude necessary to contribute to their organization's growth and success.