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Step into a realm of academic excellence and innovation at the Coimbatore Institute of Management and Technology (CIMAT); the institution stands as a beacon of learning, situated in the picturesque locale, serene and inspiring environment surrounded by lush green hillocks of Narasipuram, Coimbatore. We embrace the rich industrial heritage of Coimbatore, envisioning a learning experience that seamlessly integrates classroom wisdom with practical exposure.
CIMAT is a sanctuary for growth, exploration, and the pursuit of excellence. Join us, and together, let's carve a path towards a future defined by knowledge, practical acumen, and the spirit of continuous learning. Welcome to Coimbatore Institute of Management and Technology – where education transforms into a journey of inspiration and accomplishment.


At CIMAT, we offer exclusively post-graduate Business Administration (MBA) programs with many specialization options, including functional and sectoral dimensions and a Ph.D. in management. Beyond traditional boundaries, our commitment to excellence is underscored by our autonomous status, conferred by the UGC and Bharathiar University since AY2010-11.

CIMAT goes beyond textbooks and classrooms, offering more than just an education—it provides a transformative experience. Our focus on value-based higher education extends beyond academics to cultivate the holistic development of our students. We believe in nurturing creativity, fostering self-confidence, instilling assertiveness, refining communication, and honing leadership skills.


Embarking on earning an MBA degree is like unlocking a gateway to a realm of boundless opportunities, propelling your career to new heights. The strategic choice of specialization is not just a decision; it's a key that unlocks a competitive advantage, ensuring enduring benefits throughout your professional odyssey. In this academic adventure, students are bestowed with a plethora of choices, allowing them to tailor their MBA experience to align seamlessly with their aspirations with Functional and Sectoral Specialization courses.
In an era where academia and industry converge with unprecedented enthusiasm, the synergy for impactful research echoes with a resounding commitment to societal well-being. At CIMAT, the pursuit of knowledge transcends traditional boundaries, fostering research endeavours that delve into human impact, social responsibility, sustainability, and beyond. From economics to strategy, ethics, and various facets of the business world, our institution has championed a research culture since its inception, inspiring faculty members and students to explore, innovate, and advance knowledge for the greater good.
International Internship
CIMAT MBA students embarked on a transformative journey as they engaged in a rigorous and enriching international internship program. This unique experience allowed them to immerse themselves in diverse global business environments, gaining firsthand insights into the intricacies of international markets. The students applied theoretical knowledge from their MBA coursework to real-world scenarios, honing their problem-solving and adaptability.
International Accreditation
Academia and industry are coming together in more significant numbers and with greater zeal to focus on research for the greater good of society. It is in human impact, social responsibility, sustainability, etc. Research can cover economics, strategy, ethics, and various other areas related to the business world. Since its inception, CIMAT has promoted research amongst faculty members and students.
Eco System
CIMAT's Entrepreneurship Development Cell, nurtured with the support of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, is not just an initiative; it's a dynamic platform empowering students to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit. Established in July 2005, this visionary endeavour is a commitment to fostering innovation by providing a space for students to channel their entrepreneurial aptitude, allowing them to transform conceptual knowledge into tangible business plans. In this transformative journey, vision and creativity converge to shape the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
The Global
Leadership Program
To develop a more extensive perspective within a global environment to envision new possibilities for the future, The Global Leadership Program (GLP) gives MBA students first-hand experience of the worldwide marketplace through an unparalleled immersion program at Universities in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand through a combination of the participants, faculty, themes and topics, member companies, and in-residence locations.


CIMAT has a standard that attracts recruiters seeking the brightest minds in management. The career-centric curriculum and meticulous soft skills training at the Department of Management Studies are the compass guiding every student towards a placement that aligns with their background, skills, and competencies. Our placement cell is a gateway to jobs. Also, it's a powerhouse of counselling, training, and value addition, ensuring that our graduates don't just enter the workforce; they make an impactful stride from day one.

Year after year, CIMAT hosts trailblazing companies and leaders in their respective industries, eager to recruit our student body's crème de la crème. This isn't just about placements; it's about a constant upward trajectory in average salary levels, a testament to the unwavering dedication of our Placement Cell. The journey towards success doesn't end with a degree; at CIMAT, it begins with a thriving ecosystem that propels our students towards ever-increasing heights of accomplishment.



Choosing CIMAT for an MBA program is a strategic decision for students seeking education and a pathway to promising career opportunities. CIMAT's strong commitment to ensuring successful placements is evident in its consistent efforts and impressive track record. Recruiters from renowned companies frequently visit the campus, seeking the exceptional talent nurtured within our institution. The Placement Cell at CIMAT is dedicated to providing comprehensive support, including counselling, training, and value addition, ensuring that every student is well-prepared and job-ready. The institution's industry-driven curriculum and focus on bridging the gap between theory and practical application contribute significantly to the high employability of CIMAT graduates. With a consistent upward trajectory in average salary levels, CIMAT's emphasis on producing graduates and industry-ready professionals underscores its dedication to students' career success. Joining CIMAT for placement in the MBA program is an investment in a future marked by excellence, growth, and a fulfilling professional journey.

ACADEMIC YEAR 2022-23 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18
COMPANIES VISITED 40 31 18 43 53 62
AVERAGE CTC 410000 456000 - 245000 300000 289000
STUDENTS ENROLLED 25 23 26 34 37 59
OFFERS RECEIVED 21 18 0 1 28 48

CIMAT's Summer Internship Program isn't just a requirement; it's a transformative journey that propels students beyond textbooks into the dynamic realm of corporate experience, where knowledge gained in coursework seamlessly integrates with real-world challenges. This mandatory program isn't merely a stepping stone; it's an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in industry projects, engage with professionals, and refine their presentation, writing, and communication skills. Beyond the academic mandate, the SIP at CIMAT often serves as the gateway to final placements, fostering a bridge between classroom learning and a successful, fulfilling career journey.



  • Highly qualified faculty with Industrial exposure
  • Guest lectures by Industry and Subject experts
  • Focus on Case Method of teaching
  • Digital Training labs for communication and NPTEL
  • Interactions with corporate through seminars & workshops
  • Campus to Corporate training for career development


  • A most conducive learning environment
  • Hostels with Wi-Fi, Health club & pristine Landscaping
  • Luxurious buses to nook and corner of the city
  • Exclusive Entrepreneurship Development Cell





It's a one-month certificate Course. Registration and application are online and organized by Heartfulness. It’s the first step to Philosophical and Psychological knowledge to reach the final goal of self-confidence.


Nature camps, Eco-Tourism workshops are conducted at Silent Valley, a pioneer in Nature education and awareness in Kerala. The centers are conservation oriented, including both indoor and outdoor sessions.


At the moment, there is a workshop about big data and predictive analytics, and IBM SPSS Statistics is at the forefront of this current wave of interest as one of the most potent yet accessible analytics tools.