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An Electoral Literacy Club is a platform to engage school/College students through exciting activities and hands-on experience to sensitize them on their electoral rights and familiarise them with the electoral process of registration and voting. ELCs are also present in colleges and rural communities.

At ELCs, learning meets fun. Activities and Games are designed to stimulate and motivate students provoking them to think and ask questions. Through ELC, the Election Commission of India aims to strengthen the culture of electoral participation among young and future voters.


To make its maximum contribution to have an active democratic citizenry originating in integrated civic and voter education and electoral participation right from a young age.


In furtherance of this vision, the Electoral Literacy Club shall be established at our college with the following objectives:

✓ To familiarize the targeted people with EVM and VVPAT and to educate them about

✓ robustness of EVM and integrity of the electoral process using EVMs

✓ To help the target audience understand the value of their vote to ensure that they exercise their suffrage right in a confident, comfortable, and ethical manner

✓ To harness the potential of ELC members for carrying electoral literacy in communities

✓ To facilitate voter registration for its eligible members who are not yet registered

✓ To develop a culture of electoral participation and maximize informed and ethical

✓ voting and follow the principle ‘Every vote count’s and 'No Voter to be Left Behind


The word culture has been derived from the word 'culture,' which means relating to a society's ideas, customs, arts, and social behavior. Culture is a word for people's 'way of life,' meaning how groups do things. Cultures are what make countries unique. India is known for its varied culture, tradition, art, language, religion, etc.


Encourage the budding talents of the college and develop their creative skills.

✓ Provide the right platform to showcase their talents in various fields like dancing, acting, singing, mime, mimicry, etc.

✓ Organize various competitions, college day functions, internal celebrations, and cultural programs.

✓ Make the student confident and competitive in the global environment.

✓ Prepare the students for future life regarding skills, behavior, knowledge, learning, and respect for others.


The Movie Club functions under the aegis of the CIMAT MBA Department. The club organizes regular screenings of artistic cinema, documentaries, and short films.

The movie club of CIMAT aims to develop not only practical communication skills but also the overall personality of the students by providing opportunities to refine their soft skills. It focuses on developing logical thinking, creativity, innovative ideas, and decision-making skills and improving group dynamics and event management skills by organizing and conducting events.

This club is the perfect forum for students to hone their communication and presentation skills which will transform their personalities as we believe that the world of cinema is not just entertainment but also a portrayal of reality.


The Students Social Responsibility Club functions under the aegis of the CIMAT MBA Department. It conducts social issues awareness seminars, field visits, and the like. This club gets together like-minded students interested in working for society. The main objectives of SSR CLUB are:

• To create an environment where students will embrace responsibilities to serve the community & society.

• The endeavor of the committee is to sensitize future best engineers, technocrats, and scientists towards privileged and challenged classes.

• It brings about momentous societal changes through interactions at the grass root level about different segments such as education, health care, ecological care, etc.

• It shares social responsibility and further invites everyone to participate actively. It works hard to empower the underprivileged and add strength to society.

• The various activities conducted by CIMAT Social responsibility Club include discussions and campaigns proposing solutions for the following issues.

Save energy & Save water.

✓ Child education & child labor

✓ Orphanage & old age homes

✓ Ecological issues such as minimizing plastic usage, Sapling plantation

✓ To create awareness such as Road Safety, using helmets and seat belts while driving.


Talkers Club aims to create a better platform for students to develop verbal communication skills. A well-structured training program will be conducted to encourage the students to communicate in English. Various activities such as talking a title, telling a story, word hunting, elocution etc., will assist the students in developing English proficiency.

Develop confidence in students for improving public speaking skills.

✓ Guide the students professionally for communication enhancement

✓ Impart better conversing techniques

✓ Providing proper training to compete in interview

✓ Make students speak fluently in English


The Women Empowerment cell aims to create women's awareness about their rights and duties. This cell aims to facilitate women's empowerment through guest lectures, seminars, awareness programs, self-defense programs, and other welfare activities. WEC will step forward with specific objectives and a plan of action by focusing on quality activities for the well-being of female students and staff.


Ensure that they work or study with equal status & rights, and protection inside the institution.

✓ Encourage women to undertake an activity that strengthens their self-confidence.

✓ Participate actively in events and competitions with self-confidence

✓ Conduct workshops to promote self-defense, health, hygiene, and nutrition.

✓ Awareness programs for gender sensitization.

✓ Facilitate economic empowerment of rural women.

✓ Provide counseling for psychological problems of students.

✓ Review safety measures for female faculties & girl students on the campus to prevent sex discrimination and harassment.


Entrepreneur Development Cell aims to create awareness of entrepreneurship among the students. And also to develop the advanced skill of creativity and innovative thinking, and accept responsibilities to succeed in the challenging world to become employment creators rather than seekers.


Organize entrepreneurship awareness camps, entrepreneurship development programs, and skill development programs.

✓ Arrange guest lectures to provide a platform for interaction between professional entrepreneurs and student entrepreneurs by successful entrepreneurs.

✓ Mentor student who has business ideas by placing them under the supervision of entrepreneurs under a mentorship scheme.

✓ Enhance industry institute interaction through guest lectures and industrial visits.

✓ Encourage entrepreneurship skills among the students to cope with the current market trends.

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CIMAT is an autonomous stand-alone institution for management sciences affiliated with Bharathiar University, approved by AICTE and re-accredited by NAAC and accredited by GSAAA, USA.

The college hereby declares that the institution will abide by all the provisions in regulations of UGC, AICTE, Ministry of HRD(MHRD), State Government, and Bharathiar University notified from time to time.