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NAAC (National Assessment and accreditation council) is conducting a Student Satisfaction Survey regarding Teaching-Learning and Evaluation, which will help to upgrade the quality of higher education. A student will have to respond to all the questions in the following format with her/his sincere effort and thought. Her/his identity will not be revealed.

The questionnaire will be based on the Likert-type scale, which means the responses are scaled on a scale of 0 to 4, with the most positive response rated as 4 and the most negative response rated as 0. The score emerging from the survey is part of the second criterion on Teaching-Learning and Evaluation out of the seven NAAC criteria. The questionnaire consists of several facets of the teaching-learning process. Questions vary from the specific teaching skills of the teacher to his overall approach to the educational process. Specific skills of the teacher, like subject knowledge, communication skills, class preparation, and use of ICT tools, are part of the questionnaire. The overall approach of the teacher and institution to providing the right environment, motivation, interpersonal relationships, feedback, etc., forms the second major component of the questionnaire. Twenty twenty-one questions are objective in nature, while one question is open-ended to elicit observations and suggestions for improvements, providing an opportunity for the student to give guidance and criticisms in their own words. Analysis of the survey will be done using software that will aggregate the responses and generate the score. The score will range from a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 4 on a five-point scale and would affect the overall score of the second criterion on Teaching-Learning and evaluation. Responses to the open-ended question would also be aggregated to find out the most common suggestion and criticisms emerging from the survey.

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