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The institution affiliated to Bharathiar University, Coimbatore (Letter 14419/A1/96 dated 20.01.1997), and was later recognised by UGC, New Delhi under 2(f) and 12 (B), [Vide letter No F.8-73/2003 (CPP-I) dated 05.06.2003]. Since its inception, the institute has maintained its disposition as a centre for comprehensive education based on discipline, duty, devotion, innovative teaching, informed and engaging research.

The institute was granted Extension of Autonomous status for six years from 2016-to 2022 by UGC (Letter No. F.22-1/2016(AC) dated 24-11-2016) for all programs run under the auspices of UGC. The Autonomous status was conferred by a special committee constituted by Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, for six years (letter No. 29465/AUT. SAT.EXT./A2/2016 dated 14-12-2016. The institute also granted an Extension of Approval for the program by AICTE (vide approval No SOUTHERN/1-9317392410/2021/EOA dated 29-06-2021; Permanent ID Number 1-4494801) for the MBA program and (vide approval No SOUTHERN/1-9321720626/2021/EOA dated 29-07-2021; Permanent ID number 1-467509761) for MCA program.

In our quest for excellence, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the institute applied for re-accreditation by NAAC. We are highly indebted to NAAC Peer Team for examining our systems and validating our claims in our re-accreditation process, for which we received a "B" Grade in the year 2018.



CIMAT aspires to become the Knowledge Hive of managerial excellence.

We exist to create a platform that will be a hive of activities focused on managerial excellence.

We will identify the needs of our stakeholders and strive to engage with them to address them proactively.

We will continuously seek collaboration with other academic institutions of excellence and industry, alumni and professional bodies.

We will be a platform where each entity can share their knowledge and learn for mutual benefit.

We will ensure that the different centres and areas of the school work together to create a holistic multidisciplinary development for our teachers and the students.

We will leverage our collaborative relationships to provide the industry with young managers with the highest potential and continuing executive education, consulting services, and combined research and study development.


We constantly remember and live by the non-negotiable values we demonstrate in good and challenging times. The CIMAT values of learning, leadership and competence will define our DNA and be our compass for the decisions and behaviour of our faculty, staff and students while dealing with each other and with each of our Stakeholders.


CIMAT has applied Kaizen to perform continuous improvement in learning will be creative, continuous, shared and enjoyable. The Kaizen approach would be to develop a plan for a breakthrough change, break it into pieces, and then systematically work through each piece step by step with the people who have to live with the changes.


CIMAT has applied Genchi Genbutsu to be translated as "go and see for yourself." It will be manifested through honesty, dignity, belonging and openness.


CIMAT has applied Hoshin Kanri to understand better stakeholders’ requirements, a team vision, and strategic goals. Deployment has led to team consensus and commitment to delivering and reviewing the plan and has demonstrated that the technique works well in a small team within the service sector. Competence will reflect pro-activity, perseverance, success and recognition.