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Student Induction Programme (SIP)

Student Induction Programme is organized for newly admitted students of MBA at the beginning of every academic year. Orientation is provided for the freshers of MBA on the Vision and Mission of the institution, the academic environment, and availability of infrastructure, and the duties and responsibilities of the students, including anti-ragging awareness, discipline, code of conduct, and awareness on the use of the library and laboratory resources. A session on the examination and assessment system followed by the college is conducted by the Controller of Examinations. The students are grouped and provided with mentors who will care for their mental and personal issues throughout the course. Campus walks and a visit to the local area are arranged to familiarize the campus and its location.

Remedial courses

Remedial courses are conducted for the students who need more marks in previous EAE to whom additional contact hours and learning materials are provided. A well-organized tutoring system is in place to provide tutorial classes and individualized learning.

Slow Learners

The learning level of students is assessed and categorized as per the marks secured in Continuous Internal Assessment.

Additional coaching is provided to the students, realizing the academic difficulties in learning the program.

A question bank is prepared each semester where 20 important questions per unit referring to previous years' question papers are given in each paper for students' reference.

Tutor-ward system is followed that helps the students to overcome difficulties in learning. A tutor advises, encourages, and acts as a confidante to the students.

Advanced Learners

Advanced Learners are selected according to students' academic performance in the End Assessment Examination.

Guest lectures, seminars, and conferences are regularly organized to expose advanced learners to additional perspectives on topics in their courses.

Students are encouraged to participate in inter and intercollegiate competitions.

Training programs are organized to help students take up various professional examinations like Civil Services, Banking Services, CA (Chartered Accountant), CMA (Cost Accountant), ACS (Company Secretary), Lectureship Eligibility Tests, etc.,

Career-oriented programs are organized for interested MBA students after class hours.

Teacher-student Collaborative Research Publications and Research Projects are encouraged to promote research aspirations in students.

Extracurricular Activity is encouraged, including paper presentations, seminars/conferences, or Publications in journals.

Extra Credit Courses

Extra Credit Courses are opted for by advanced learners to obtain extra credits in their program. It allows students to earn additional credits toward their course grades.

Additional coaching is provided to the students, realizing the academic difficulties in learning the program.

College offers 50 extra credit courses to all MBA students who are multi-disciplinary /interdisciplinary.

Online courses

Online courses are a part of the curriculum that paves the way for students to acquire knowledge and certificate, apart from academic-based learning through online platforms like Swayam, NPTEL, Udemy, Course Era, and spoken tutorials. Students are encouraged to enroll in NPTEL, SWAYAM, and MOOC online courses.

Field Visits/Internship/Projects

Field Visits are arranged for the MBA students to the market twice each semester. Internships and Projects are included in the curriculum in which they should submit the report and viva voce examination.