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Extra-Curricular Activity Committee

Extra-curricular activities are essential aspects of student life. Through participating in or organising such functions, students can cultivate their interests, develop their talents, enhance their interpersonal skills, and foster their team spirit.

The Extra-Curricular Activities Committee is formed to conduct extra-curricular activities that allow students to relax, identify, and explore their hobbies and interests.

Functions and Responsibilities:

✓ The committee's Convener shall conduct a meeting with all the committee members to discuss and delegate tasks.

✓ The committee shall display information about events to be led on the Notice Board/Website like Sports day, Annual day, Fresher's Day, Festival Celebrations, etc.

✓ The committee shall be responsible for scheduling the events, ensuring maximum student participation, and all college intra & intercollegiate Cultural and Sports events.

✓ The committee is responsible for identifying the strong teams to represent the institute in various inter-collegiate Sports and cultural events.

✓ The committee is responsible for the upkeep of all playgrounds, Sports equipment and planning and monitoring the infrastructural facilities related to Sports and games.

✓ The Convener and the committee members shall prepare the budget for approval.

✓ The committee must submit a quarterly report regarding the adequacy and quality of the maintenance of the facilities.

✓ The committee must monitor and maintain discipline among the student players.

✓ The committee must schedule all related sports and cultural events activities without affecting the Class/Lab/Examination work.

✓ The committee has to maintain the records for all sports and cultural events of the college.

Term: The term of the nominated members shall be three years.

Meeting: The ECC shall meet at least twice a year or when necessary.


1 Dr.Latha.V Chairperson
2 Dr. Babu Vinothkumar.Y Head of the Department - MBA
3 Ms.K.Tharani Faculty
4 Mr.Sidhaarth.G Faculty
5 Mr.K.Saran Raj Student Representative
6 Ms.M.Vanitha Student Representative