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Navigating the MBA Journey: Interactive Workshops for Success

"Navigating the MBA Journey: Interactive Workshops for Success" offers MBA students a comprehensive toolkit for navigating the challenges and opportunities of their educational journey. Through interactive workshops, this program equips students with essential skills such as time management, effective communication, networking, and career development strategies. Students gain invaluable insights and build the necessary competencies to succeed in their MBA program and beyond by engaging in practical exercises, role-plays, and group discussions. With a focus on holistic development, these workshops empower students to excel academically, professionally, and personally.

S.No Academic Year Date Workshop Title Venue
1 2019 - 2020 07/01/2019 to 11/01/2019 Artificial Intelligence for PR: Unlocking Strategic Disruption CIMAT Auditorium
2 2019 - 2020 21/01/2019 to 25/01/2019 Soft Skills for Success: Exploring Perceptions of B-School Graduates CIMAT Auditorium
3 2019 - 2020 04/03/2019 to 08/03/2019 Wisdom Leadership: Empowering Women Managers CIMAT Auditorium
4 2019 - 2020 01/04/2019 to 05/04/2019 Financial Modeling and Simulations: Your Path to Wealth Management CIMAT Auditorium
5 2019 - 2020 06/05/2019 to 10/05/2019 Navigating GST: Impact and Opportunities for Startups CIMAT Auditorium
6 2019 - 2020 03/06/2019 to 07/06/2019 The Ultimate Customer Service Workshop: Generating Loyalty and Satisfaction CIMAT Auditorium
7 2019 - 2020 12/08/2019 to 16/08/2019 Mastering Sales Promotion: Unlocking Strategies for Business Growth CIMAT Auditorium
8 2019 - 2020 02/09/2019 to 06/09/2019 Navigating GST: Opportunities and Challenges for Startups CIMAT Auditorium
9 2019 - 2020 07/10/2019 to 11/10/2019 Kick-Starting Your Sales Process: Prospecting and Lead Generation CIMAT Auditorium
10 2019 - 2020 04/11/2019 to 08/11/2019 Mental Health at Work: A Workshop on Self-Care and Wellbeing CIMAT Auditorium
11 2019 - 2020 09/11/2020 to 13/11/2020 Investment Landscape and Fintech in a Post-Pandemic World Google Meet

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